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This is a preconfigured Windows 10 virtual machine created by IS&T in January 2020 and is designed for use only by MIT faculty, staff, and students that need to access selected educational applications.

How to obtain

Download (MIT certificate required)




  • Important data should NOT be stored within the VM. There is no good mechanism for backing up data stored in the VM itself as standard troubleshooting practices will include downloading a new copy of the Virtual Machine. 
  • OpenOffice users: Be sure to save your files in Microsoft-compatible formats if you intend to view or edit them in Microsoft Office.
  • Firefox should only be used for accessing web sites that require Windows-specific software, not for general purpose web browsing.
About this Version 

This is a preconfigured Windows virtual machine created by IS&T and designed for MIT students and academic staff who need to access selected educational applications. It contains the base VM configuration, mirroring, and selected educational applications.

Educational/academic applications included:

  • Sophos
  • VLC
  • SecureCRT/FX
  • JDK 7 u 25 w/ NetBeans
  • Firefox
  • Emacs
  • Adobe Reader

System requirements:


  • IS&T can only provide full support for SecureCRT, SecureFX, and the process of obtaining certificates in Firefox.
  • All other applications included with the VM are provided on an "as-is" basis.
  • Students using Java (the JDK or NetBeans) for coursework should contact their TA or other course staff for assistance.
  • VideoLan Player (VLC) is provided on an "as-is" basis for playback of supported media only.
  • IS&T cannot provide assistance with additional CODECs, transcoding functionality, or any other VLC features.