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Social Media Tools That Can Save You Time

MIT’s social media strategist, Stephanie Hatch Leishman, recently discussed some applications and resources that can streamline your social media workflow. This article highlights a few of them: Feedly, the CPS Photo Library and Flickr, Hootsuite, and IFTTT.

A New Model for Adobe Licensing at MIT – Acrobat XI Pro and Creative Cloud

Acrobat XI Professional and the desktop applications in Adobe Creative Cloud are now available to faculty and staff for use on Institute-owned equipment at no cost to DLCs.

Emerging Trends in Social Media

Chris Peterson, Senior Counselor for Web Communications in MIT’s Undergraduate Admissions Office, discusses three major trends in social media: the liquid self and ephemeral media; algorithmic anxiety; and the redistribution of risks and rewards.

Blackboard drawing and equation
Social Media at MIT: The Alumni Association Reaches Out and Follows

Two members of the Alumni Association's Communications Department discuss strategies for sharing stories with MIT alumni through social media, as well as following alumni who are making the news.

Welcome to Skillsoft, a New Option for Online Learning at MIT

Available to staff, faculty, and students through the MIT Learning Center, Skillsoft offers an extensive, web-based library of business and IT courses. It also features Books24x7: 9000 ebooks and videos with a focus on business and IT topics.

Social Media at MIT: Behind the Scenes at the Media Lab

This article inaugurates a series on how social media is used at the Institute. First up, the Media Lab, where communications assistant Janine Liberty offers insights about the Lab’s audience and preferred social media channels.

Objective Reality: 3D Printing Gains Traction at MIT

The Libraries are offering an IAP session (already full!) and a brown bag lunch talk on 3D printing. MIT helped develop this technology years ago and now it's entering the mainstream, on campus and at large.

As the World Turns: Learning About Plate Tectonics through On-Screen Interactions

Created by OEIT's ARTEMiS group, the Plate Tectonics interactive visualization challenges students to interpret a 3D globe of tectonic data. It also provides animations of the opening and closing of ocean basins and the splitting of Pangaea.


A Cloud-Based Tool for Greener Product Design: Two Sloan School Classes Sign On and So Can You

Sustainable Minds is an easy-to-use, cloud-based life-cycle analysis tool that makes it easier to "design greener products right, from the start." A limited number of subscriptions are available at no cost to MIT community members.

Learn Your Way Around MIT through Online Courses

MIT is a complex place; knowing the right way to get things done isn’t always obvious, especially for newcomers. Thanks to a series of online training courses, it’s now easier to find the answers you need when you need them.