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A Cloud-Based Tool for Greener Product Design: Two Sloan School Classes Sign On and So Can You

Sustainable Minds is an easy-to-use, cloud-based life-cycle analysis tool that makes it easier to "design greener products right, from the start." A limited number of subscriptions are available at no cost to MIT community members.

Learn Your Way Around MIT through Online Courses

MIT is a complex place; knowing the right way to get things done isn’t always obvious, especially for newcomers. Thanks to a series of online training courses, it’s now easier to find the answers you need when you need them.

Get with IT: IS&T Helps Incoming Students Learn About Computing Resources

IS&T will host several sessions during and after orientation to help incoming students make the most of computing resources on campus.

MIT Drupal Cloud Service: Create and Manage Your Website with Ease

Want to build and manage a website, even though you’re not a programmer? There’s a service that can make that wish come true – at no cost to you!

Podcasting 101: A Getting Started Guide

Now is a great time to speak out on your favorite topics: podcasting, which faded in popularity years ago with the rise of YouTube, is experiencing a second wave of interest.

The Big Picture: Using Images in Social Media

In the world of social media, posts with images get more responses – more likes, comments, and sharing. Hop on a "hamster wheel" of inspiration as MIT Social Media Specialist Stephanie Hatch offers tips on using images to boost your audience engagement. Is Here: Join the Conversation

The website seeks to engage the MIT community in a larger conversation about where education is headed.

A Clear-Eyed Look at Computer Vision Syndrome

If you have any of these symptoms – blurred vision or eyestrain; dry, itchy, red, or burning eyes; neck or back pain – and are more symptomatic when you’re on the computer, then you have computer vision syndrome.

Computer Basics for Those with Basic English Skills

ESL volunteers in the community have developed a Computer Basics workshop for MIT Facilities staff who aren’t native English speakers. The workshop features one-on-one tutorials and covers key services such as email, Skype, and Google searches.

Yammer at MIT Offers Many Ways to Collaborate and Stay Informed

Why are community members joining Yammer at MIT? This social network lets them share content, ask questions and get answers, join groups of interest, and alert others to events and compelling links.