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Objective Reality: 3D Printing Gains Traction at MIT

The Libraries are offering an IAP session (already full!) and a brown bag lunch talk on 3D printing. MIT helped develop this technology years ago and now it's entering the mainstream, on campus and at large.

As the World Turns: Learning About Plate Tectonics through On-Screen Interactions

Created by OEIT's ARTEMiS group, the Plate Tectonics interactive visualization challenges students to interpret a 3D globe of tectonic data. It also provides animations of the opening and closing of ocean basins and the splitting of Pangaea.


A Cloud-Based Tool for Greener Product Design: Two Sloan School Classes Sign On and So Can You

Sustainable Minds is an easy-to-use, cloud-based life-cycle analysis tool that makes it easier to "design greener products right, from the start." A limited number of subscriptions are available at no cost to MIT community members.

Learn Your Way Around MIT through Online Courses

MIT is a complex place; knowing the right way to get things done isn’t always obvious, especially for newcomers. Thanks to a series of online training courses, it’s now easier to find the answers you need when you need them.

Get with IT: IS&T Helps Incoming Students Learn About Computing Resources

IS&T will host several sessions during and after orientation to help incoming students make the most of computing resources on campus.

MIT Drupal Cloud Service: Create and Manage Your Website with Ease

Want to build and manage a website, even though you’re not a programmer? There’s a service that can make that wish come true – at no cost to you!

Podcasting 101: A Getting Started Guide

Now is a great time to speak out on your favorite topics: podcasting, which faded in popularity years ago with the rise of YouTube, is experiencing a second wave of interest.

The Big Picture: Using Images in Social Media

In the world of social media, posts with images get more responses – more likes, comments, and sharing. Hop on a "hamster wheel" of inspiration as MIT Social Media Specialist Stephanie Hatch offers tips on using images to boost your audience engagement. Is Here: Join the Conversation

The website seeks to engage the MIT community in a larger conversation about where education is headed.

A Clear-Eyed Look at Computer Vision Syndrome

If you have any of these symptoms – blurred vision or eyestrain; dry, itchy, red, or burning eyes; neck or back pain – and are more symptomatic when you’re on the computer, then you have computer vision syndrome.