IS&T Price List: Telephones

Note: This does not include jack activation; if needed, see Telephone Installation, below.

Service Rate Payment Method

If a dual-port jack is not already present, this service provides the installation of one (the physical box on the wall) with two ports on it, where telephone and/or network service can be added.

Note: In some cases, conduit may need to be installed to provide a pathway for the new jack. If conduit is required, additional charges will apply and a quote will be provided for approval before the installation begins.

$750/jack Cost ObjectSAP is not valid for this service
Telephone Installation/Move/Change of Service
Service Rate Payment Method
Telephone service activation and phone installation/activation of standard phone for an existing jack; field technician dispatched. $140/phone (plus cost of device for approved non-standard phones) Cost ObjectSAP is not valid for this service
Software service change, including building SIP accounts; no field technician dispatched No charge
Telephone service activation and/or programming of approved non-standard phones for an existing jack, field technician dispatched. $140/phone, plus cost of approved non-standard phone
Standard telephone device upgrade (e.g. MITVoIP 550 to 650) $140/phone
Examples of approved non-standard phones include: Wired or wireless headsets, MITVoIP Soundstation IP 5000, 6000, 7000 conference speaker phones.
Voice Mail
Voice mail, self-service portal, and domestic/international calling are provided at no-charge for all MITVoIP end-user lines.

Call trees and Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) are available upon request. Direct requests to the MIT Service Desk.