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Telephone Services for People with Disabilities

Persons who are deaf, deaf-blind, or have a hearing or speech disability have several options for how to communicate with hearing people over regular telephone lines. MIT does not provide these services, but they are available from other sources through MIT telephones or via the MIT network.

Telephone/Telecommunications relay services are available through many service carriers. With all, a Relay Operator will initiate and complete your call, dialing the party you wish to contact and then staying on the line to relay messages verbally to people who can hear or electronically via a TTY (Text Telephone) or computer. Relay services include the following (not an inclusive list).

TTY Relay Service

Massachusetts Relay Service

  • TTY: 800-439-2370
  • Voice: 800-439-0183
  • Contact MIT via a TTY: 617-258-9344

Campus Police, ATIC Lab, Medical Department, and Human Resources Disabilities Services offices all have TTY units. To find the one nearest you, contact, call 617-253-4357 (3-HELP), or dial the TTY above.

Note: Direct TTY to TTY communication does not require the use of a relay service.

Vendor Relay Services

IS&T Telephone Services

We can help MIT students, staff and faculty with locating assistive telephone products, including:

  • Headsets for hands-free telephone use
  • Noise cancellation headpieces
  • Signal control units
  • Voiced caller ID

Contact us via email or phone: 617-253-4357 (3-HELP).