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IS&T offers a variety of telephone help/repair and switchboard services.

Available To 
Students, Faculty, Staff

Benefits and key features

Assistance with:

  • Telephone and voice mail installation, setup, moves
  • Telephone and voice mail repair and troubleshooting
  • Operator/switchboard services

Telephone and voice mail repair and assistance
See Getting started below for contact information.

Installation, moves and changes of service
All requests for new telephone service or changes in existing service should go through your department's Administrative Officer (AO) or designated telephone service contact person.

Large-scale projects (adds, moves, and changes)
Contact a customer service representative (CSR) early in the project so that they can schedule work and minimize delays.

Conference calls
WebEx offers a set of services that provides audio, video, and text options. Accessed via the web, participants may share files or use screen sharing to show presentations, applications, or other web sites. To log in, go to the WebEx website.

Operator-assisted conference calls
Conference calls can be placed with a maximum of five parties involved (the caller plus four others). For conferences of more than five parties, use WebEX (above). There is also a three-party conference call option available on both analog and digital telephones for no cost. The steps for setting up a conference call via the MIT switchboard are as follows:

  1. Before calling, have the seven-digit MIT account number that you will be charging the conference call to on hand, as well as the names and telephone numbers of all parties to be called.
  2. Call the MIT switchboard; (0) from an MIT telephone, 617-253-1000 from an outside line.
  3. Give the operator the seven-digit MIT account number and the names and telephone numbers of the parties you wish called.
  4. The telephone operator will put you on hold, place the other calls, and connect you once all parties have been contacted.

Annoyance calls
For help with annoying or obscene telephone calls, call  617-253-3654 (x3-3654). An operator will assist you. Massachusetts law prohibits the making of annoying phone calls. Federal law prohibits the making of obscene or harassing calls in interstate or foreign communications.


For conference calls, an 7-digit MIT account number.

Getting started

Have the following information ready before contacting the Service Desk:

  • Detailed description of the problem
  • Model number of telephone
  • Primary number of the defective phone or line
  • Exact location of the defective phone or line
  • Contact number or email where you can be reached (or can receive a message)

Phone: 617-253-4357 (3-HELP)
Emergency or off-hour problems: Call the Telephone Repair Help Line for instructions: 617-253-4357 (3-HELP)
MIT switchboard: 617-253-3654 (x3-3654)