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Secure Computing

Protect your data, your devices and your identity
Securing the Human: Security Awareness Training
Security awareness training

Anyone can be the target of an attack on our network. If you are concerned about reducing malware infections, identifying and avoiding phishing attacks, or complying with regulations, security awareness training can help.

Securing the Human is a collection of free online training videos that cover the basics of safe computing and data protection.

Welcome to Secure Computing at MIT.

Cyber criminals are constantly looking for ways to breach computers, even those here at MIT. Every time you log on to the Internet, you open up your computer, data, and identity to malware and other threats — unless you take the right precautions. 

Click on a link to the left to begin. Even doing a few things, such as changing your passwords or downloading the latest patches, can make a big difference. Need help? The IS&T Help Desk is available online, by phone, or in-person.

Security News

The Security Operations Team in Information Systems and Technology (IS&T) plays a key role on campus, taking measures to keep the Institute’s network, MITnet, secure. The team also delivers tools, infrastructure, services and consulting that help the MIT community do its work securely.

Cloud made up of devices

CrashPlan is MIT’s new cloud-based backup solution for desktops and laptops, replacing IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM, Basic and Standard). TSM Enterprise is still the solution of choice for servers. As of July 1, both services will be available at MIT free of charge.

Taking your laptop, tablet or mobile phone on the road? You may encounter challenges when using them in new locations. Up-front preparation goes a long way: set aside time to ready your device, in the same way you contemplate what to pack.