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Secure Computing

Protect your data, your devices and your identity
January 28 is Data Privacy Day
Data Privacy Day is January 28

Data Privacy Day is held every year on January 28. This nation-wide annual effort raises awareness to better understand how a person’s personal information may be collected, as well as the benefits and risks of sharing personal data.

Learn how to protect your data online.

Welcome to Secure Computing at MIT.

Cyber criminals are constantly looking for ways to breach computers, even those here at MIT. Every time you log on to the Internet, you open up your computer, data, and identity to malware and other threats — unless you take the right precautions. 

Click on a link to the left to begin. Even doing a few things, such as changing your passwords or downloading the latest patches, can make a big difference. Need help? The IS&T Help Desk is available online, by phone, or in-person.

Security News

Be on the lookout for a payroll phishing scam that targets faculty and staff. It uses harvested credentials to alter direct deposit information.

At least 30 MIT affiliates have received fraudulent calls claiming to be from law enforcement agencies.

Update from IS&T: Dropbox itself was not compromised and no MIT Dropbox for Business accounts were impacted. MIT Dropbox accounts are integrated with Touchstone for single sign-on; your password is never sent to Dropbox or stored in any of their systems.