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Discover tips and steps you need to take to protect your data, your electronics, and your identity.


Encryption is a method of securing data by scrambling the bits of a computer's files so that they become illegible. The only method of reading the encrypted files is by decrypting them with a key; the key is unlocked with a password.


Stopit is a confidential on-the-record venue for reporting harassment and other inappropriate behavior that occurs electronically

Spam Filtering

Unwanted and unsolicited email, otherwise known as spam, is on average 78% of all email sent. To reduce the amount of spam coming into our inboxes, spam filters have been put in place on MIT's email system.

Most malware attacks today occur through a combination of spam and compromised web pages. Interacting with spam can put your personal information at risk as well as download a virus to your machine that may spread to other computers on the network.

Touchstone Authentication

MIT Touchstone is a single sign-on web authentication service that allows members of the MIT community to log in to participating MIT and federated websites. When using a Touchstone-enabled application, your password will never be passed to the application server.


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