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Stopit is a confidential on-the-record venue for reporting harassment and other inappropriate behavior that occurs electronically

Available To 
Students, Faculty, Staff, Affiliates

Benefits and key features

Staff who monitor Stopit work with other MIT staff to ensure that a case is handled by the most appropriate office.

Stopit's philosophy is to try to get the unwanted, unwelcome behavior to stop, not to discipline. To that end, we provide advice, guidance, and general technical support to all concerned. IS&T does not pursue private disciplinary actions.

If you feel that pursuing more formal complaints are desirable:


To assist us in a speedy resolution, forward the full email headers, as well as the body, of any messages you are providing. For other electronic communications or materials, provide as much contextual information that you can.

Getting started

To report an incident, email

Any member of the community who is victimized by, observes, or has knowledge of a criminal action (or other emergency) should immediately report such action or emergency to the MIT Police or the Dean on Call by dialing x3-1212 from any campus telephone or 617-253-1212 from a cellular phone.

In emergency situations, community members may dial "100" from any campus telephone or push the red button of a blue light emergency telephone and be directly connected to the MIT Police dispatcher.

For non-emergency situations, report the incident to an appropriate supervisor or a staff member in Human Resources, the Ombuds Office, or the Division of Student Life. If you don't know who to contact, or the harassment has occurred electronically, send email to Stopit. Stopit email is monitored during normal business hours.