October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month

NCSAM is an annual campaign to raise awareness about the importance of cyber security.

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Image with the words "Why do you need a strong password?"

Ensure your online information is secure: Learn what makes a good password.

ncsam poster

Even computers that don’t appear to have any valuable information can be attractive targets for attacks. Take steps to protect yourself.

Words "SCAM ALERT" on laptop screen

“Are you free at the moment? Let me know ASAP.” If you get an email from someone in your DLC asking for a quick purchase of gift cards, think twice.

Picture of a screen with the words "Identify: Phishing" and the definition of phishing

Scammers are getting smarter. Learn how to identify and avoid phishing attempts with these tips.

IS&T staffers tagging to students' laptops and tablets in the Z-Center lobby.

Facts and figures about IS&T’s efforts to welcome new and returning MIT students to campus for a new year.