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Find what IT resources, support, and help are available to MIT students
Protect your electronic devices and data

We can help you protect your computer or mobile device from theft. Learn more about theft deterrents.

While on campusback to top

If you are a brand new student, check out Getting Started: Students to find out how to get up and running with IT.

Manage your accounts

Certificates for accessing the network

Certificates let you log on safely to MITnet and the internet, and identify you to various websites.

Note: Certificates expire once per year, which means you'll need to renew them at least that often. Install them on each browser for each computer or device you will use to access certificate-protected sites.

Connect to MITnet and the internet

You can connect wirelessly or plug in to an Ethernet port. Either way, just click on your web browser and follow the on-screen prompts to register your device. If you connect wirelessly, just log in to MIT Secure with your Kerberos username and password.

Learn about the available wireless networks.


Visit to begin using email and setting up your preferences. MIT uses your @mit email address to contact you about everything and anything; however, you can forward your @mit email to another account.

You can also get a jump start on your post-graduation MIT email from the Alumni Association by registering for your Infinite Connection account during your first semester on campus.

Note: In addition to your MIT Kerberos account, you may be assigned a departmental email address in a domain such as,,, etc.  This account is separate from your account. You should contact your department to find out when your departmental email address will be deactivated after graduation.

Canvas and WebSIS

Canvas is MIT’s online cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS) that brings instructors, students, and course content together in online course sites.

Stellar / Learning Modules (LMOD) is MIT’s legacy platform.

WebSIS is MIT's online student information system. Use WebSIS to view your course schedule, pre-register for classes, view your grades, and update your personal information. When you use WebSIS, you need to identify yourself with your MIT certificates.

Browse and download available software

As a student, you have access to a large volume of software. Browse and download what’s available.

Educational discounts

As an MIT student, you can take advantage of special discounts on the following:

Mobile devices

Get MIT’s free Mobile App, which includes an interactive campus map, shuttle schedule, and people directory.

Sign up right now for the MIT Alert and program in the phone number for the Campus Police (617-253-1212).

Find printers

Printers are located in various locations across campus and are available for students.

Create a backup plan for your data

Don’t wait for a hard drive crash or software glitch to ruin your 50-page research paper the night before it’s due. Set up a data back up plan now and avoid a meltdown later.

Stay safe and secure while online

MIT's prestige and visibility on the Internet makes it a target of online attacks or phishing scams. If you receive email appearing to come from MIT, be aware that we will NEVER ask you to supply your password or other private information by email, nor will we ever require you to visit a special web page to "verify" your account. 

To help you keep your computer safe, we provide free anti-virus software to all members of the MIT community and we offer ways to protect your computer (and its data) from theft.

If anyone at MIT is harassing you over the internet, report it to The issue will be handled confidentially to ensure the unwanted behavior is stopped. Learn more about MIT Stopit.

If you feel directly threatened or unsafe, contact the Campus Police.

Review available resources

Now that you’re up and running, take a look at all the IT resources available to you.

Leaving MITback to top

"Offboarding" is the process of transitioning and closing out your digital presence at MIT. It is important that you download, move, or transfer ownership of the files and data associated with your MIT accounts before they are deactivated.


Day after graduation:

The day after you graduate, your MIT account status will be changed from student to affiliate. As an Institute affiliate, you will no longer be covered by MIT’s licenses to:

  • Download software from the IS&T software grid licensed for student use
  • Use previously installed software licensed for MIT student use
    Note: Students using Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise can convert their software to a permanent license but must do so before graduating.
  • Access student-only websites and web services

Take the following steps ASAP to ensure that your data isn't lost:

  • Download or transfer data from your MIT accounts such as email, cloud storage services (Dropbox, Google Workspaces (formerly G Suite), OneDrive), Adobe, LastPass, and Athena.
  • Transfer ownership of any websites, Moira and Mailman mailing lists, or AFS lockers that you administer for any MIT groups or organizations to students remaining at MIT.
  • Secure personal licenses for software or services that you will no longer have access to under the Institute’s enterprise agreements but wish to continue using.

January following graduation:

Your MIT Kerberos account will be deactivated. Be sure to back up any data that you want to keep, including old emails, on your personal computers.

Your status will change from affiliate to deleted. At that point, you will lose access to all Touchstone-authenticated Institute services and related data, including:

Stay connected

Uninstall software

If you installed any software from MIT during your time here, make sure you uninstall it if the license requires it. MATLAB, for example, is only available for your use while you're currently enrolled at MIT.

Students using Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise or Windows 11 Enterprise: Convert your software to a permanent license before graduating.

Learn more

There are several other services on campus that will be impacted when you graduate. Find out what you need to do to disengage from additional MIT resources.

Contact the IS&T Service Desk with questions or for help with preparing for the transition process.