Generative AI tools available at MIT

The products listed here provide or include generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools, services, or components, and are licensed by IS&T for use by the MIT community. Note that some services and software that IS&T licenses for use by MIT may contain generative AI components that are not currently enabled in our environment.

Note that free or commercial tools not licensed through IS&T, such as Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, and OpenAI’s ChatGPT and DALL-E, are not appropriate for use with Medium or High Risk MIT information. See IS&T's initial guidance for use of generative AI tools for full details and recommendations.

If a tool or service you wish to use is not included below, contact to request an assessment before moving forward with use or purchase.

Available through IS&T for use by MIT
Product/service Description How to obtain
Adobe Firefly Generate or modify images via text prompts Available to MIT faculty, staff, students, and researchers via MIT's Adobe Creative Cloud license
AWS Bedrock Developer access to third-party large language models (e.g., Anthropic, A21 Labs, Stable Diffusion) via API Register for an AWS account through IS&T's MIT Cloud Accounts program
AWS Sagemaker Managed AI/ML model access and training Register for an AWS account through IS&T's MIT Cloud Accounts program
Azure OpenAI Developer access to Azure OpenAI and other cognitive services (e.g., Whisper, DALL-E) Register for an Azure account through IS&T's MIT Cloud Accounts program
Google Gemini (formerly Bard) Text-based AI chatbot Available for MIT Google Workspace accounts
Google Vertex Developer access to Google's AI models Register for a GCP account through IS&T's MIT Cloud Accounts program
Microsoft Copilot Text-based AI chatbot; also capable of generating images Access Copilot via Touchstone with your MIT Kerberos account
Microsoft Copilot for M365 AI add-on for Microsoft 365 products Limited early access program only
Salesforce Einstein AI add-on for Salesforce Contact IS&T's Salesforce Licensing
Zoom AI Companion AI add-on for meeting summaries, AI Companion questions, smart recording, and whiteboard content generation features Enable features by signing into MIT's Zoom portal via Touchstone


Page updated 4/3/2024