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MIT ID number

When you were hired, you received an ID number. If you haven’t received your ID number yet, contact your hiring manager or Human Resources Staffing.

You must have an ID number to set up your MIT Kerberos account and certificates.

Register for your MIT Kerberos account

Register for an MIT Kerberos account.

When you register for your MIT Kerberos account, you choose a username and password. This gives you access to many of the applications and tools that you’ll need while at MIT. This username and password is used by Kerberos, an authentication technology created at MIT to ensure that you are who you say you are when you log on.


While you’re employed at MIT, you’ll receive an email address. Log in to the Outlook Web App (OWA) with your MIT Kerberos account.

Get certificates for your computers and mobile devices

Certificates let you log on safely to MITnet and the Internet, and identify you to various websites.

Desktop: First, you need to download the MIT Certificate Authority (MIT CA). Then you can download your personal certificate

Mobile Devices: Download your certificates.

Note: Certificates expire every year on July 31, which means you'll need to renew them at least that often. Install them on each browser for each computer or device you will use to access certificate-protected sites.

Connect to MIT's network (MITnet) and the internet

Learn all about getting connected to the network securely.

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Connect to the wireless network

Learn how to connect to the secure, wireless network.

Secure your devices, data, and identity

Unfortunately, MIT is a target for hackers. Protect yourself from cyber attacks by taking the necessary steps.

Create a backup plan for your data

Don’t wait for a hard drive crash or a software glitch to ruin your research and lesson plans, or interrupt your work. Set up a data backup plan now and avoid a meltdown later.

Browse and download available software

As an employee, you have access to a large volume of free software to use in the workplace. Browse the IS&T software grid.

Get help with business and educational applications

The IS&T Service Desk can either answer your questions about the business and educational apps used on campus, or connect you with the relevant support contact.

Download MIT’s free mobile app

From an interactive live campus map to an up-to-the-minute shuttle schedule, MIT offers a free, helpful mobile app.