Reusing or Recycling Older Computer Equipment

Important: Make sure that you wipe the data on your drives and mobile devices before recycling or donating them.

Departments, Labs, and Centers: Enroll in IS&T’s DLC Direct Support

DLC Direct is an on-demand ‘one-stop-shop’ that handles the full lifecycle of enrolled computers, from deployment to retrieval/wiping/retirement—as well as a full range IS&T-provided IT support services. The service is free of charge to all DLCs at the Institute. Learn more.

VPF Property Office

If you’re not participating in the DLC Direct program, start with the Property Office. Let them know what items you have, their MIT property tag numbers, and where they are located. For reuse, the equipment should be in good working condition.

MIT Equipment Exchange

The Equipment Exchange and Storage Warehouse contains surplus lab, computer, and office equipment/furniture. These items are free to DLCs that are transferring them back into use at MIT. 

Donating to nonprofit organizations

Deactivated departmental computers may be eligible for donation to nonprofits. Before doing so, DLCs should send a list of the items to the Property Office

Other options

Make sure departmental equipment is deactivated by the Property Office first.