Reusing or Recycling Older Computer Equipment

Important: Make sure that you wipe the data on your drives before recycling or donating them.

MIT Property Office

Start with the MIT Property Office. Let them know what items you have, their MIT property tag numbers, and where they are located. For reuse, the equipment should be in good working condition.

If computer equipment owned by MIT isn't needed by anyone at the Institute, it can be sold; the MIT department that owned the equipment receives 90 percent of the selling price and the other 10 percent goes to the Property Office as an administrative fee.

Excess property that was purchased through a government contract or grant should be screened to determine whether it meets the needs of other contracts. Contact the Property Office for assistance.

ReUse at MIT

The email lists under the "reuse" umbrella can also be used by any member of the community; if you want to see what others are offering, subscribe to the reuse-request mailing list. For details, see the MIT ReUse home page.

Donating to nonprofit organizations

Once departmental computers have been deactivated, DLCs have the option of donating them to nonprofits. Before doing so, DLCs should send a list of the items to the Property Office. Organizations that are accepting computers in working order:

Other options

Make sure departmental equipment is deactivated by the Property Office first.