IS&T Price List: Network

New Jack Installation

Note: This does not include port activation; if needed, see Network Drop Activation, below.

Service Rate Payment Method

If a dual-port jack is not already present, this service provides the installation of one (the physical box on the wall) with two ports on it, where telephone and/or network service can be added.

Note: In some cases, conduit may need to be installed to provide a pathway for the new jack. If conduit is required, additional charges will apply and a quote will be provided for approval before the installation begins.

Request 1-4 jack installations/activations

$800/jack Cost ObjectSAP is not valid for this service

Network Drop Activation
Service Rate Payment Method

Activation of existing jack for network service

$160/ethernet activation Cost ObjectSAP is not valid for this service

Service Rate Payment Method
Connection No charge N/A

IP Address/Hostname
Service Rate Payment Method

Required for networked devices, such as printers or servers; otherwise, optional

Create or update a host

No charge. A cost object/account number is required for authentication. N/A

Inter- and Intra-building Fiber and Copper Circuits
One-time T&M installation charge, contact

Private Subnet
One-time T&M installation charge, contact