Creating and Using Your MIT Kerberos Identity

Create a digital MIT identity and access Institute systems and IT resources

All MIT community members are entitled to register for an MIT Kerberos Identity, also known as an MIT Kerberos account, MIT email account, Athena account, or MIT username.

Your Kerberos identity will be used as your email address and your username for numerous systems across the Institute. It will remain your username as long as you have an account at MIT. Choose a username that you will want to use for the duration of your affiliation with the Institute.

For help, see: How to Activate an Account.

When registering, you'll provide your MIT ID number and your real name. You will then specify:

Establishing a Kerberos identity implies that you will be using networked computer services at MIT. Registering for your Kerberos identity requires that you agree to abide by the MITnet Rules of Use.

Your MIT Kerberos Identity gives you access to a variety of systems, facilities, and other resources. These systems and services are primarily for current students, faculty, and staff of the MIT community. 

There are additional rules for each system, facility, or resource that you can now access. For example, you are also given an MIT Kerberos account for use in the Athena computing environment (including 2 GB of file space) when you register. See the Athena Rules of Use.