Laptop Recommendations for Students

IS&T is here to provide you with advice and support on IT issues during your time at the Institute. Below are minimum computer hardware configurations for incoming MIT students.

NOTE: These are general recommendations for MIT students. Incoming students should check with their academic departments and subjects of interest for additional or more specific hardware requirements.

If at any point you have questions or need help, contact the IS&T Service Desk 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Service Desk

IS&T offers 24/7 phone and email-based IT support to all members of the MIT community by leveraging secure, industry-leading remote support tools (when required and with user permission) to help troubleshoot and resolve IT problems in real-time from any location.

Computer Repair

Hardware vendors offer mail-in repair options for laptops. Non-portable computers can be serviced by authorized service providers. IS&T provides loaner laptops to be used while a device is out for repair. Details for MIT preferred vendors Apple, Dell, and Lenovo are listed below. Note: If your department has a DLC Direct agreement with IS&T, contact your IS&T support team first for assistance with mail-in repair of MIT-owned equipment.

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