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TotalView is licensed for use by MIT faculty, students, and staff for non-profit MIT academic, research, or administrative purposes.
Note: Authorized users must stop using the software and delete it (and any accompanying license key) from any non MIT-owned computers they have installed it on when they cease to be affiliated with MIT.

How to Obtain

Download (MIT certificate required)

Download the tar file components you need to a common temporary location.


TotalView incorporates a centrally managed floating license server.

  • Installation instructions
  • There are typically one or two releases a year, and possibly additional patch releases to fix specific problems.
  • Known issue involving attaching to running processes on recent Ubuntu releases; see the Ubuntu 10.10 and Above Debugging Support section of the release notes.


About this Version 

TotalView is a GUI-based source code defect analysis tool that gives you control over processes and thread execution and visibility into program state and variables.

TotalView allows you to:

  • Debug one or many processes and/or threads in a single window with complete control over program execution.
  • Set breakpoints, stepping line by line through the code on a single thread, or with coordinated groups of processes or threads, and run or halt arbitrary sets of processes or threads.
  • Reproduce and troubleshoot difficult problems that can occur in concurrent programs that take advantage of threads, OpenMP, MPI, or GPUs.
  • Provide analytical displays of the state of your running program for efficient debugging of memory errors and leaks and diagnosis of subtle problems like deadlocks and race conditions.
  • Work with C, C++, and Fortran applications.
  • Learn more
  • System requirements


Support for TotalView is provided by the vendor, Rogue Wave.