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Save the Date! IT Partners Lunch

IT Partners will be hosting a lunch on August 6 at noon. Topic: Duo Two-Factor Authentication. RSVP Today

Enhance Your Online Security With Duo

Faculty, staff and affiliates will be required to sign up for Duo two-factor authentication no later than September 30. You can easily register for it when you renew your certificates this month.

It's Certificate Renewal Time

MIT personal web certificates obtained over the past year will expire on July 31st. Renew them soon to access MIT's secure web applications like Atlas, WebSIS, COEUS Lite, and ePaystubs. New for 2015: IS&T has added Duo two-factor authentication as an optional step in the certificate renewal process.

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Certificates let you access data, use MIT’s online services and applications, and browse the web safely. Get yours today.

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The security bug Stagefright is in the MMS system on Android phones. MMS is similar to SMS (Short Message Service) but for multi-media such as videos, sounds, and pictures.

Product backlog showing sticky notes

Sticky notes. Sticky notes everywhere. Walk through the IS&T offices, and you’ll see these little paper notes hanging from cube walls, whiteboards, and office walls, organized into columns with labels like Do, Doing, Done.