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Security FYI newsletter: March 11, 2016

IS&T publishes this newsletter for the communication of periodic security advice, virus alerts, safe computing tips and other kinds of IT security information to the MIT community. More information on IT Security at MIT can be found at

ServiceNow screenshot
IS&T Service Desk transitioning to ServiceNow, 2/25

On Thursday, February 25, IS&T’s Service Desk will begin using ServiceNow Incident Management to track, manage, and resolve help calls and emails from the community.

Sign reading Change for the better
Everything you always wanted to know about the Change Advisory Board

The Change Advisory Board has the final say on when changes and releases go live, and is also another resource to help IS&T staff move their projects successfully forward.

Lexmark printer with a hacked display.
Tips for securing your network-capable printer

Take these simple steps to protect your connected printer from hackers and evildoers.

A pipeline for fresh water in Australia
Everything you always wanted to know about the Pipeline

The IS&T Pipeline plans and coordinates upcoming changes to services and applications, also making sure that support plans are in place for these changes go live.

Legos with APIs names on them
New APIs in the Developer Portal

Learn about the latest APIs available through IS&T’s Developer Connection for building applications for the MIT community.

A partial schedule of the SAP HANA migration project
10 facts about MIT IS&T's SAP HANA migration

Learn about some of the facts and figures behind the recent successful move of MIT's SAP systems.

Everything you always wanted to know about the Architecture Review Board

IS&T’s new Architecture Review Board is designed to be a sounding board that can provide technical advice and guidance on projects of any size.

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Time to upgrade: Microsoft is no longer supporting Internet Explorer 8, 9, & 10

As of January 12, 2016, Microsoft is no longer supporting Internet Explorer 8, 9, and 10. As browser-based attacks are one of the most common means of compromise, having a supported and patched browser is of critical importance.

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FileVault 2 automatically enabled with IS&T purchased & imaged Macs

IS&T is pleased to announce that Macs purchased and imaged by IS&T's Hardware & Software Deployment Team will have FileVault 2 automatically enabled with the recovery key escrowed in Casper.