Data Warehouse: Getting Started and Getting Help

Software Requirements



There is no desktop version of BrioQuery for Mac, but you still have two options for using it to access the Warehouse:

Data Access Requirements

If you have an MIT Kerberos account, you automatically have access to all public data in the Data Warehouse. Request authorization to access non-public data. You will be granted the same reporting access in the Warehouse that you have in other Roles Database applications like SAP, HR, MITSIS, and EH&S.

For more information on using BrioQuery to access information in the Data Warehouse, see the BrioQuery Guide.

Downloading Standard Reports

Many standard reports have been prepared and made available to help you access the Data Warehouse. Reports are organized by business area and can be found on the main Data Warehouse at MIT page. The reports are pre-formatted templates that have been created using BrioQuery and do not contain data.

Each template contains at least one fully-formatted report that can be viewed, modified, and printed. You don't have to learn BrioQuery features and commands to construct reports on your own: Launch BrioQuery and use the Process command. You will be prompted for the additional information needed to generate your data.

For more information, see Instructions for Downloading and Processing BrioQuery Reports.

Training and Support


Hands-on training classes are offered by IS&T. Sign up via Atlas using the Self-Service tab.

One-on-One Consultations

In cases where your questions might not be answered in the course of a user group meeting, or where special attention is needed, the Data Warehouse staff is also available for one-on-one consultations. Contact us to make arrangements.

Reporting User Group

IS&T's Reporting User Group meets weekly with locations alternating between in-person and virtual sessions. See this page for the full schedule.