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CertAid manages the entire certificate setup procedure, giving users a more reliable installation experience.

How to Obtain


CertAid is available for use by MIT faculty, staff, and students.


  • Mac download
  • Windows download
    On Windows 10, use Firefox or Chrome to download CertAid. There is a known issue with Internet Explorer.
    CertAid for Windows now includes an option to subscribe (unsubscribe) to MIT WAUS service.
    • The MIT Certificate Tool for Windows is not needed for win.mit.edu domain users.
    • When you select Change Settings for All Users > Configure Internet Options, CertAid automatically subscribes your machine to use MIT Auto Update Service.


After lauching CertAid, click through the screens to install or renew your certificates, and/or to update your identity preferences.

The setup procedure includes installing the MIT CA as well as your personal certificate, optionally deleting old certificates, and setting the correct security settings via a single, graphical application. If you need to retain access to old certificates, choose "No" when asked to delete them.


About this Version 

CertAid for Windows version 2.2.x:

  • Resolves a known issue for accessing SAP GRC with Internet Explorer 11
  • Option to subscribe/unsubscribe to MIT WAUS service
  • Updated list of MIT Trusted Sites added