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CertAid manages the entire certificate setup procedure, giving users a more reliable installation experience. It installs the MIT CA (Certificate Authority) as well as your personal certificate and deletes old certificates if needed. Learn more.

How to Obtain


CertAid is available for use by MIT faculty, staff, and students.


  • Mac download
  • Windows download
    On Windows 10, use Firefox or Chrome to download CertAid. There is a known issue with Internet Explorer.
    CertAid for Windows includes an option to subscribe/unsubscribe to the MIT WAUS service.
    • The MIT Certificate Tool for Windows is not needed for win.mit.edu domain users.
    • When you select Change Settings for All Users > Configure Internet Options, CertAid automatically subscribes your machine to use the MIT Auto Update Service.


After lauching CertAid, click through the screens to install or renew your certificates, and/or to update your identity preferences.

The setup procedure includes installing the MIT CA as well as your personal certificate, optionally deleting old certificates, and setting the correct security settings via a single, graphical application. If you need to retain access to old certificates, choose "No" when asked to delete them.


About this Version 

CertAid for Windows version 2.2.x:

  • Resolves a known issue for accessing SAP GRC with Internet Explorer 11
  • Option to subscribe/unsubscribe to MIT WAUS service
  • Updated list of MIT Trusted Sites added