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FileMaker Pro creates custom database applications, from simple data entry forms that can be managed locally to complex secure relational systems designed to manage administrative workflows accessible by multiple users and hosted on a remote professionally managed server. It provides a set of tools to help you design and develop custom apps faster and easier, including built-in templates. FileMaker utilizes reobust security features and samlessly intgrates with centralized MIT resources such as the Data Warehouse and Kerberos authentication. FileMaker Pro is both Windows and Mac compatible. 

How to Obtain


FileMaker Pro 19 is available, via request, to MIT faculty and staff for use on MIT-owned machines only. Although "Advanced" has been removed from its title, FileMaker Pro 19  retains all of the Advanced features.
Note: Use of FileMaker GO and WebDirect is available for use only by those who otherwise qualify for MIT-issued FileMaker licenses.

Download (MIT faculty or staff certificate required)

By downloading a copy of FileMaker Pro 19, Server, FileMaker Go, or WebDirect, you acknowledge that you agree to abide by the Guidelines for using the MIT License.

Once the Guidelines have been reviewed, you may Request FileMaker Pro 19. You will receive an email with your activation key within a few days of submitting the form.


  • While the FileMaker Pro 19 client can be used to access any file locally with the .fmp12 format, the 19 client is not compatible for use with files hosted on FileMaker Servers 17 or earlier. Check with your FileMaker administrator if you are unsure of the FileMaker Server version currently in use by your area.
  • Solutions from FileMaker Pro 11 and earlier must be converted to the latest file format to be opened or shared with FileMaker Pro 19.


Storing data and security in FileMaker

If not properly configured and housed, the FileMaker files you work with may be at risk for security breaches.

About this Version 

Who should use this version: Developers or end-users who hosted files reside on FileMaker Server 18 or higher. FileMaker Pro 19 is not compatible with any version lower than FileMaker Server 18. For anyone unsure of their current hosting environment, FileMaker Pro/Advanced 18 is still the recommended version at this time.

FileMaker Pro 19 includes a set of advanced developer-level tools designed to assist in troubleshooting as well as significantly expanded functionality allowing for  adoption of pre-built add-on components and ease of integration with other data resources and technologies. For anyone looking to develop a new ground-up database application, FileMaker Pro 19 or the latest version is recommended.