MIT Touchstone is a single sign-on web authentication service that allows members of the MIT community to log in to participating MIT and federated web sites using their MIT credentials. When using a Touchstone-enabled application, your credentials will never be passed to the application service.

Available To 
Students, Faculty, Staff, Affiliates

Benefits and key features

  • Allows MIT users to authenticate to protected web sites, including both MIT-hosted and cloud-based services.
  • Allows non-MIT users to access certain protected MIT web sites by creating Touchstone Collaboration accounts or by using their existing accounts at an InCommon Federation participant.


  • An existing MIT Kerberos username/password or MIT X.509 certificate.
  • Not an MIT student, staff, faculty, or eligible affiliate? You may be able to use an account with another InCommon Federation participant, or create a Touchstone Collaboration account, to access a protected MIT web site. Check with the web site administrator to determine which types of accounts it can support.

Getting started

MIT users:

  • New MIT students, staff, faculty, and affiliates: Get a Kerberos account.
  • MIT students, staff, and faculty members: Use your existing MIT Kerberos account or MIT X.509 certificate to sign in through Touchstone.
  • Contact the Service Desk for assistance.

Non-MIT users:

  • If you have an account with another InCommon Federation participant, check with the web site administrator to see if the site can support such an account.
  • If the web site you are trying to access supports Touchstone Collaboration accounts, visit Create and manage Collaboration Accounts to create an account. Note that creating an account does not in itself grant access to any web site; check with the site administrator for assistance in getting access. Request Touchstone Collaboration account help if needed.

Web application developers and administrators:

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