G Suite for Education is a Google service that allows members of the MIT community to collaborate with each other, separate from their personal Google accounts. It is provided free of charge upon request.

An email address can only be used as a username with one Google account at a time. We recommend you use your MIT email address as your MIT G Suite username. If you already use it with another Google account, Google will send you an invitation to transition it into G Suite. If you do not want to use your MIT email address with G Suite, we can instead create an alias of the form username-google@mit.edu for you; however, several Google features will then not work seamlessly.

  • Document, calendar, and collaboration invitations requests will not be immediately shared with your MIT email address in MIT G Suite.
  • You will need to let your colleagues know to share with your username-google@mit.edu alias instead of your MIT address.

Note: You will not be able to use your MIT email address as an alternate username for a personal Google account once it is registered in MIT G Suite. If you forward your mail to your personal Gmail account and have set up Gmail to allow you to send mail “from” your MIT email address, that will continue to work as before once you have an MIT G Suite account.