A guest account is required for temporary staff, former students or staff who are no longer eligible but need continuing access to their account, and visitors who need an MIT electronic identity.

Available To 
Faculty, Staff

Benefits and key features

Registering for a guest account establishes an identity in MIT's Kerberos security system which can be used to access services and resources requiring authentication.

  • A sponsored guest account is intended for individuals who need access to MIT services to participate in Institute-related work.
  • Guest accounts are required to be renewed annually. At that time, the sponsor will be contacted to see if the account should be extended.


  • Guest accounts must be sponsored by MIT faculty or staff.
  • The account sponsor must provide a valid Institute cost object, which will be used for tracking purposes only, and will not be charged.
  • The sponsor is the primary contact for issues related to the account, including renewal.
  • Guest accounts may be requested only for individuals who
    • are not registered MIT undergraduate or graduate students, MIT faculty, or MIT staff
    • are working on Institute projects that make use of MIT-provided services requiring authentication.
  • The account holder may not use MIT-provided software or services in ways that violate MIT license restrictions. They may not use the system for any commercial or sponsored research purposes.
  • The MITnet Rules of Use must be followed.

Getting started

The sponsor should complete the Sponsor a Guest Account request form. Allow up to one day for processing.

Note: Bulk requests for guest accounts may be made by an authorized Access Approver using the Covid Access system.