iPad Loan Terms

The ability to collaborate on p-sets and projects is essential to the MIT experience, and many faculty members will expect students to have a tablet in addition to a laptop, so that they can collaborate – in class and elsewhere. To ensure students and TAs are equipped for collaboration, IS&T will loan an Apple iPad and Apple Pencil to any undergraduate student or graduate TA who needs one for the current academic year.

Who: Any undergraduate student and those graduate students working as TAs who do not have an adequate iPad
What: Apple iPad Air (3rd Generation) and Apple Pencil loaner bundle
When: Allow several weeks for processing and shipping
Why: To enable rich collaborations at the heart of the MIT experience

If you already have a comparable or better iPad and Apple Pencil of your own, there is no need for you to borrow an iPad from us.

This program is for borrowing an iPad bundle only; if you lack a laptop or other peripherals, request a loan of student computing equipment using this request form instead.

iPad Technical specifications

Loaner bundle includes:

  • iPad Air (3rd Generation) WiFi + cellular-capable (data plan not included), 10.5” retina display, 256GB storage capacity
  • Apple Pencil (1st Generation)
  • Power adapter & cable
  • STM Shell Duo case for iPad Air
  • AppleCare+

For complete technical specifications of this model iPad, visit

Please note:

  • iPad components and model are not upgradeable. This iPad has been selected as the standard available to all undergraduate students and graduate TAs for this program. Configuration and application deployment will be managed centrally by IS&T.
  • Delivery may take several weeks, so make your request as soon as possible to allow time for processing and shipping. We will do our best to deliver promptly, but understand that later requests may arrive after classes start.

Terms and conditions

  • Limit of one iPad bundle per undergraduate student or graduate TA.
  • The iPad, Apple Pencil, and case must be returned within four weeks from the conclusion of the academic year. If the iPad will no longer be needed at a date prior to the end of the term, it can be returned ahead of time. Returns may be initiated using this form.
  • Failure to return the iPad bundle by the due date or significant damage to the iPad may result in a charge for replacement of the device being assessed to your student bill and a loss of eligibility to participate in the loaner program in the future.
  • If the iPad is damaged, lost, or stolen, contact IS&T via telephone at 617-253-1101 or via email to to report the incident and to discuss options.
  • IS&T will utilize Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP) to image iPads to contain all necessary software to support the teaching and learning tools needed over the academic year. IS&T will manage all devices in accordance with MIT policies, including MIT Policy 13.2 on the use of information technology resources. No geofencing or location tracking will be enabled on any deployed iPads.
  • Use of unauthorized applications on these iPads with the intent to alter the software or firmware (i.e., “jailbreaking”) is prohibited.
  • IS&T and MIT are not responsible for any loss of any information stored on the device due to hardware or software failure, or the user’s failure to remove information (work or personal) from the iPad prior to returning the device. IS&T recommends storing any files in cloud-based applications, such as Dropbox, instead of locally on the iPad. Apple also provides options for backing up iPads:
  • Students will be subject to all applicable MIT policies while using the loaned iPad, including, without limitation, the MITnet Rules of Use and the Mind and Hand Book.

Get the iPad bundle

Undergraduate and graduate TA students: Request the iPad bundle.