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This is a preconfigured Windows 11 Virtual Machine that contains Windows updates, MIT configuration (site certificate), security patches, and base software.

Note: If you have a machine that uses the M1 processor you will not be able to run one of the IS&T-configured Windows 11 Virtual Machines.

There are three configurations available:

  • The Base machine software includes CertAid, Prisma Access GlobalProtect VPN client, Sophos Anti-Virus, and VMware Tools.
  • The Educational machine includes the Base software plus Acrobat Reader, Emacs, Firefox, SecureCRT/FX, and VLC media player.
  • The Administrative machine includes the Base software plus SAPgui, BrioQuery, IXOS Viewer, Kerberos for Windows, Acrobat Reader, Oracle Client, Excel, and Outlook.

How to Obtain


The Windows 11 Virtual Machine is licensed for use by MIT faculty, staff, and students.

Download (Touchstone authentication required)


Note: VMware Fusion or VMware Workstation is required to run these Virtual Machines.


Note: Important data should NOT be stored within the Virtual Machine. There is no good mechanism for backing up data stored in the VM itself as standard troubleshooting practices will include downloading a new copy of the VM.

  • Microsoft Outlook is provided for Exchange resource administration and complex Exchange calendaring needs and is recommended for desktop and mobile use.
  • The Virtual Machine is configured to disallow the creation of local Outlook email folders, since there is no good mechanism for backups for local Outlook email folders.

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