Slack redesign arrives on January 3
December 18, 2023

This past August, Slack announced a significant design update – built to improve focus, organization, and productivity – that changed the general layout of workspaces and how users navigate channels and conversations.

The redesign arrives for the MIT community on January 3, 2024. This change affects all versions of Slack, including the desktop, mobile, and browser interfaces. Some users may have already experienced the update in workspaces outside of the MIT Enterprise Grid.

Some highlights of the redesign include:

  • All MIT Slack channels, conversations, people, and files will appear in your sidebar under Home, a new, unified view across all workspaces within the MIT Enterprise Grid.
  • Home can be filtered to show only a specific MIT workspace, and you can opt to show a workspace switcher.
  • You can peek into tabs, workspaces, and actions without navigating away from your current task.

6 key tools to know

  • Home - Find all of your channels and direct messages.
  • DMs - View, search, and filter all of your direct messages.
  • Activity - View all your mentions, reactions, threads, and app notifications.
  • Later - Find messages you've saved, create and manage reminders.
  • More - Access canvases, files, people and user groups, apps, automations, and more.
  • Create - Click the plus icon (+) to create a new message, huddle, canvas, or channel.

Helpful tips

  • Organize your sidebar with custom sections. This will help you find and manage your conversations in the new interface.
  • Use search to quickly find messages, files, people, and channels across all your workspaces.
  • Apply workspace filters to focus your view even further.

How will I get the update?
Slack will push the new updates to you automatically on January 3, 2024. After refreshing your Slack desktop app, a high-level click-through tour will be available for you to explore the new Slack experience and will conclude at the Slack Help Center with additional resources.

Where can I learn more?
Get a full preview of changes with these YouTube overview clips. Additionally, once enabled, there will be a short in-product walkthrough that will highlight many of the new features. For any questions, please contact the IS&T Service Desk