As you know, helping your child prepare for the new school year begins well before they arrive on campus. To make sure they start off on the right foot, we’ve compiled information you will need to get started with technology. 

Computer recommendations and discounts

Shopping for a new desktop computer or laptop? Take advantage of our student discounts and get recommendations on what to buy.

Mobile devices

Initial steps your child should take

Where can they find and download free software? How can they protect their valuable technology? How can they back up their data? To answer those questions and more, we’ve compiled a simple step-by-step Getting Started with IT Guide for Students.

Connecting to the network (MITnet)

You can also connect to the MIT GUEST wireless network. This network does not require authentication, is not encrypted, and is not intended to access internal resources.

Note: The MIT GUEST wireless network is not available in Fraternities, Sororities, or Independent Living Groups (FSILGs).  If you're visiting an FSILG, your child can assist you with network connectivity.

Don't share passwords and certificates with your child

We do not encourage students to share their passwords (or any confidential information), and doing so is a violation of the MITnet Rules of Use.

Getting help with technology

IS&T is available to help your child online, through email, by phone, and in-person. Make sure they bookmark the Service Desk help page.