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Sophos Central is the virus protection software recommended by MIT. This software detects and cleans up viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware, adware and other potentially unwanted applications.

IS&T has transitioned to a new cloud-based version of Sophos called Sophos Central. Beginning July 2021, new Sophos installers are available from the IS&T software grid and legacy installers have been removed. The new installers point to a cloud console with a new client user interface instead of the legacy on-premises console. The MIT community has until summer of 2022 to migrate to the new version before the legacy version will stop receiving updates.

For specifics, see Sophos Central in the Knowledge Base.


recommended versions

Key Features

  • Continuously scans and notifies you of threats
  • Cleans up threats
  • Protects your data by disallowing harmful software to be downloaded
  • Updates regularly, no need to be on campus