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Preconfigured Windows 11 virtual machine that contains Windows updates, MIT configuration (site certificate), security patches, and base software.

Note: Apple’s latest M1 processor restricts the running of virtual machines, e.g., running Windows via VMWare Fusion. If you have a machine that uses the M1 processor you will not be able to run a Virtual Machine and/or Windows 10 or 11.

Base software:

  • Prisma Access GlobalProtect VPN Client
  • VMware Tools
  • CertAid for Internet Explorer
  • Sophos Anti-Virus

How to Obtain


This is a preconfigured Windows 11 virtual machine created by IS&T in Spring 2022 for use by MIT faculty, staff, and students only.


Download Virtual Machine  (MIT certificate required)
Note: The VM download file is very large, approximately 6 GB. Download times typically range from 20 minutes to two hours depending on the speed of your network connection to MIT. We do not recommend downloading via dialup.


Windows Base Virtual Machine: Install and First Start


About this Version 

IS&T Preconfigured Virtual Machines: Known Issues

System requirements