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IS&T provides a number of web services for accessing enterprise data or integrating with our central systems. These web services provide standard, SOAP-based APIs to several major campus systems.

Available To 
Students, Faculty, Staff, Affiliates

Benefits and key features

Application developers can integrate with or consume data from these systems using a standard protocol for doing so, instead of using a custom, application-specific protocol (Moira, MITID DB) or raw SQL (Data Warehouse, RolesDB).

The following services do not require authentication:

  • COURSEWS - Provides unauthenticated access to course data from the Data Warehouse
  • MIT Events Calendar API - Provides access to the MIT Events Calendar

The following services require authentication in the form of an application certificate issued by the MIT Certificate Authority:

  • GEOWS - Geographical Data service based off of
  • MITIDWS - Web services API to the MITID database.
  • MOIRAWS - Web services API to the Moira database (list membership data only)
  • ROLESWS - Web services API to the Roles database.
  • UAWS - "User Authorizations" - A simpler web services API providing read-only access to Roles data.


For all of the authentication-required services, access is granted following consultation with IS&T staff to determine legitimate business need.

Getting started

Contact with any questions.