is an IS&T centrally-maintained Microsoft Windows domain intended for general use by all of MIT. It provides a common set of services, data, and tools. Many aspects and features within this domain are customizable by participating Departments, Labs, and Centers (DLCs) and, in certain cases, individual users.

Available To 
Students, Faculty, Staff

Benefits and key features

  • Fosters efficiency and collaboration across the Institute by providing a common set of services, data, and tools
  • Many customizable aspects
  • MIT Kerberos username/password integration
  • OpenAFS is optional on machines within the domain. However, OpenAFS for Windows is not supported by IS&T
  • DFS Roaming profile that is maintained and accessible
  • Extensions to standard Windows Group Policy settings unique to MIT
  • Periodic self-maintenance scripting and behavior
  • Extensive scripting
  • Central logging of system, application, and security events to a secure central log server, allowing for troubleshooting and backtracking in case of total system failure
  • Integrated problem/bug reporting system
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If you are running your own DLC-owned and operated Windows server: 
IS&T supports DLCs joining the centrally maintained domain. We also provide infrastructure accommodations in deploying independent Windows domains on MITnet, and associated, limited support for these accommodations.


Every machine on must have a host record in the Moira database, which propagates out to a DNS record on the MITnet DNS servers. You can check if your hostname or IP is already registered using the stella command on a Unix Athena machine by typing stella hostname or stella IP to query the database. If you require a new record, request an IP address.

Getting started