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IS&T offers the MIT Wiki Service to provide MIT groups and organizations with collaborative web spaces. Any MIT community group, project, or organization can request a wiki space.

Available To 
Students, Faculty, Staff, Affiliates

Benefits and key features

  • Wiki spaces can be restricted to a small group of colleagues or can be opened up to the world
  • Integrates MIT's well-established Moira list management service to manage group permissions
  • For authorization, Wikis integrates with MIT's Touchstone authentication service
  • Non-MIT users can participate as well, by creating a Touchstone collaboration account

The MIT Wiki Service uses a product named Confluence from Atlassian Software.


The MIT Wiki Service is intended for use by MIT academic, administrative, research, and student groups.

Getting started

Access existing MIT Wiki spaces:

  • Go to the MIT Wikis Dashboard, and click on the name of the space you want to visit, or search - some spaces may require permissions to view or edit
  • Click Log In to see the full list of spaces you have permission to view
  • For more information on permissions and access controls, see: Controlling Access to Your Wiki Space

Obtain an MIT Wiki Service space for your group or course:

If you are a non-MIT participant:

Note about support: Support is provided for creating spaces, setting up access control to spaces, and basic instructions and documentation on how to use a space. Since rules, desired page formats, and guidelines often differ from space to space, IS&T can only provide limited guidance to individual users of spaces. As a space administrator, you may need to assist your content creators as they get used to creating or editing pages in your space.