Changing the photo on your MIT ID

Use the MIT Atlas app to update the photo on your MIT ID. Your ID photo will also appear as your profile image in some MIT systems.

  • In the app, tap on the menu icon in the upper left.
  • Tap on “Profile”.
  • Tap on your profile image.
  • Review the profile guidelines.
    • Does your photo identify you as a person?
    • Are you looking straight at the camera?
    • Is your background a solid, light color?
    • Are you free from “red eye” or reflections?
    • Did you take off your hat or any garment that obstructs your face?
    • Is it a photo of just yourself?
  • If you answered “yes” to each question, click the button to return to the upload screen.
  • Tap “Choose your photo,” then select “Camera” to take a new photo or “Photo Library” to select a saved image. (You may need to grant access permission to the app.)
  • Tap Continue to complete the upload.

If you want a physical MIT ID card with your updated photo, you can print one at a kiosk or obtain one from the Atlas Service Center.