IS&T has outfitted a set of classrooms for a pre-scheduled lightweight lecture capture pilot. Instructors may sign up for the pilot to have their lecture recorded during the fall 2021 semester.

Available To 
Faculty, Lecturers, Instructors

Benefits and key features

The goal of this pilot is to augment the set of solutions available to support our teaching efforts by providing a simple, pre-scheduled option for instructors to use as they work with students who are required to quarantine or isolate, and are therefore prohibited from coming to class in person. This pilot will help us determine if unattended video capture with a high-quality audio recording is sufficient for a student to keep up with their coursework when prohibited from coming to class in person. It is called “lightweight” because the pilot requires you to do relatively little work to set up recording, storage and distribution.


You must be the instructor for a class listed in the MIT Subject Listing and Schedule.

Getting started

Register to participate in the pilot (Touchstone login required).

Note: If the room you are teaching in is not already equipped for the pilot, you may use the form to request a room be considered for the pilot if it expands. The rooms currently in the pilot are: 1-135, 1-190, 2-105, 3-270, 4-149, 4-163, 4-231, 4-270, 4-370, 26-100, 32-155, 54-100.