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macOS is Apple's operating system that is included with Macintosh computer systems. Learn more.

How to obtain


macOS Big Sur is available from the Apple App Store for all to use.



About this Version 

Known issues

  • Kernel extensions have been deprecated and replaced with system extensions. Software using kernel extensions may no longer function appropriately without a new version of the software.
  • Apple has released the new M1 chip based on the ARM architecture. Most software will run in compatibility mode via Rosetta 2. Currently Windows virtualization including Boot Camp will not function on these devices. Learn more about the M1 chip and the Rosetta Translation Environment.
  • Testing has taken place on Intel based Macs only. M1 Macs have not been tested and functionality may be impacted. Please check back on this page for further updates.
Software / Site Issue
Adobe Flash Safari 14 does not support Adobe Flash.
Auristor AFS Auristor AFS has released version .201 which is Big Sur supported. Please download the latest version.
Cambridge Structural Database CSD will fail to install on macOS Big Sur.
CrashPlan CrashPlan 8.2.1 officially supports Big Sur. Devices will automatically upgrade to this version. M1 Macs, while not officially supported at this time, will run in Rosetta mode.
Crowdstrike Falcon Falcon 6.12 and higher support macOS Big Sur. You can download the latest version on the software grid.
LabVIEW LabVIEW will fail to install on macOS Big Sur.
Microsoft Office Microsoft Office 16.44 provides support for macOS Big Sur as well as for M1 Macs.
Pharos Uniprint Big Sur no longer supports certain print drivers. Download the latest version from the software grid to bypass this issue.
SAPgui SAPgui may not authenticate properly using Ticket Viewer. Visit our Knowledge Base for a workaround.
Sophos Antivirus Sophos 9.10.2 and higher support macOS Big Sur. Download the latest version from the Software Grid. Devices with Sophos already installed will automatically upgrade to this version or later.
Spirion Spirion is currently unsupported and may not function appropriately. We will update the software grid when a new supported version is available.
SPSS SPSS supports macOS Big Sur with some exceptions.
Tableau Tableau is not officially supported on Big Sur or M1 hardware, however it will install. Learn more.
VMware Fusion VMware Fusion for Mac version 12 and later fully supports macOS Big Sur. Note: The new M1 chips do not allow for x86 virtualization and Windows VMs will likely fail to run. Intel based Macs should continue to work.