spring cleaning

Hand holding a cellphone displaying a digital MIT diploma.
What happens to your MIT digital presence after graduation

Here is what graduating students should do to preserve their digital assets before their MIT accounts are deactivated.

Smartphone being cleaned with a soft rag and laptop.
Tips for cleaning and disinfecting your devices

Follow your device manufacturer’s guidelines and these tips from IS&T to safely clean and disinfect your computer, mobile devices, and peripherals.

Several piles of old computer hardware on the floor ready for recycling.
Spring Cleaning: Tech recycling starts at the Property Office

Learn how to recycle outdated MIT-owned computers and laptops.

Sign on window that reads Computer Security
Spring Cleaning: Make your computer safer in two easy steps

Protect your computer and data with IS&T's free anti-virus and backup software.

spring cleaning poster
IS&T announces Spring Cleaning event

Spring is the time when many of us think about decluttering our lives for a new season. Technology may not be the first thing you think of when you hear the words “spring cleaning,” but it should be!