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The MIT Oracle 12c client is a silent installer that installs the Administrator client in a standard, Windows-based location, and configures a connection to the MIT Oracle Internet Directory Server. The Oracle Internet Directory Server provides lookup information for many MIT databases, including the Data Warehouse. It allows BrioQuery to connect to the Data Warehouse.

How to obtain


Oracle 12c is licensed for use by MIT faculty and staff on MIT-owned and personal machines.



About this Version 

MIT Oracle 12c client components include:

  • Full Administrator client installation, which includes the JDBC drivers
  • SQL*Net
  • ASO (Advanced Security Option)
  • Oracle ODBC drivers
  • SQL*Plus
  • MITAnsSeedGenerator, a Java program that generates a unique random seed for SQLNET.CRYPTO_SEED value (deleted upon completion of the installation)
  • Microsoft documentation