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BrioQuery is the query tool most often used at MIT to retrieve data from the Data Warehouse. It lets you store and run multiple queries in one file, access queries from different databases, create reports, and display and print data in tables. 

Note: If you are not currently using BrioQuery, IS&T recommends that you instead use Cognos. If you are currently using BrioQuery, you may keep using it. However, be aware that Oracle no longer supports this technology.

How to obtain


This software is licensed for use by MIT faculty and staff.




Note: Queries used in BrioQuery 5 will run in BrioQuery 6 but cannot be saved back to version 5. Version 5 detail reports will work as created in version 5. If you need to modify these reports, open the query in version 6, click on the report, and convert it to report format via the Detail menu bar.