Web-based Roles Application for Primary Authorizers

A web-based Roles application is available for Primary Authorizers and others who maintain Authorizations in the Roles Database. The new application will eventually take the place of the old PowerBuilder-based Roles application that has been in production since 1998. The main differences between the old and new applications are:

  • The application is web-based. All you need to run it is a web browser. There is no need to run Citrix or to download anything to your computer.
  • There is an improved lookup-a-person feature: start typing a username or lastname and you'll see a pick-list of names.
  • There are improved batch functions for deleting, copying, or reassigning a set of Authorizations.
  • Adding or deleting of functions is not available in the new application. Most users of the Roles Database do not need these features. For now, they are still available in the old application, and a new web-based interface will be created in the future.

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