MIT Kerberos Accounts: Creating an Office Email Address

The steps below are necessary for creating an office- or department-specific email address. Since the recipient of an office-related email address may change over time, we strongly discourage you from choosing personal account usernames based on job title or department name and encourage users to follow the recommendations below.

MIT Kerberos accounts are non-transferable, and therefore IS&T suggests that users choose their account names based on their own name. Office-related addresses may be requested through MIT Kerberos Accounts. If you change jobs or move to a different department, the recipient of the office email address may be changed to your replacement.

Initial setup

If you do not have an office mailing list, submit this list request form. Your office list will be created within 1-2 business days.

Changing a recipient

If a new recipient of an office email does not have an MIT Kerberos account, request one by contacting MIT Kerberos Accounts.

  • Full name of employee
  • MIT ID number of employee. (or indicate voucher for temporary employees)
  • Supervisor's name (for temporary/voucher employees only)

Within one business day, you will receive email instructions on how the new employee can register for an MIT Kerberos account. Once they have done this, you can request that they be added as a recipient to the office email address. Email the following information to MIT Kerberos Accounts:

  • Office email address
  • Addresses of those you wish to receive mail sent to the office email address

Changes to email addresses will take a few days to take effect.