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Tableau Desktop helps you analyze data and create visualizations, interactive dashboards, and data tables. Connect directly to the Data Warehouse, Excel spreadsheets, and other data sources.

Tableau Prep Builder is a data preparation tool that can be used to combine, shape, and clean your data for analysis in Tableau. (Prep Conductor is not included in MIT’s license.)

Note: Tableau Reader is a free download available for users that need only to view and interact with Tableau Desktop visualizations.

How to Obtain

Licensing: Academic Use

Free academic licenses for both Desktop and Prep Builder are available from Tableau for current MIT students, faculty, and staff.

Licensing: Administrative Use

A limited number of Tableau Creator licenses have been purchased by MIT for administrative use of Tableau Desktop and Prep Builder by current MIT faculty and staff on MIT-owned equipment.

  • Faculty and staff: Request a Tableau Creator license from IS&T for administrative (non-academic) use of Tableau Desktop and/or Prep Builder.
    • The administrative license does not cover use by either Lincoln Laboratory or the Whitehead Institute.
    • Affiliates cannot download MIT-licensed Tableau installers but may access to view workbooks (Touchstone authentication required).

Download (Touchstone authentication required)

Tableau Desktop 2022.3.11 (to match IS&T's server)

Tableau Prep 2022.3.0 (to match IS&T's server)


Note that Prep Conductor, the component that schedules prep flows, is not included with MIT's license. Prep flows will need to be run manually.

Content developed using either Tableau Desktop or Tableau Prep Builder can be published to Tableau Server. Publishing allows content to be shared within the MIT Community. Users do not need a Tableau license to view content on Tableau Server. To access Tableau Server, visit (Touchstone authentication required).

Faculty and staff: Request space on the Tableau server for a department, lab, or center.


For licensing questions, contact IS&T Software Distribution.