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MIT uses TSM (Tivoli Storage Manager) for its backup and restore services. 

Available To 
Students, Faculty, Staff

Benefits and key features

Backing up the contents of your computer to a secure network server allows you to restore data in case of error or computer failure. TSM preserves your data if your computer crashes and automates data backup and restore functions.

Features include:

  • A choice of backup service levels. Before registering, review the service level options and costs below.
  • Manual and scheduled backups
  • Encrypted backup data

Service level options and costs

Basic: No monthly charge

  • 15GB of data stored on the TSM server
  • You can only back up files located in specific directories/folders
  • If you switch to another service level, you don't have to make any changes to your client configuration

If you exceed the 15GB limit:

  • The first month, you will receive an email stating that you have exceeded the limit and explaining that you will have two months to reduce the stored amount of data.
  • If you reduce the amount of stored data to 15GB or less, you won't be charged a monthly fee.
  • If you have exceeded the limit for three consecutive months, you will be charged a $15/month fee. The fee will stop when data is reduced to 15GB.

Standard: $15/month

  • 300GB of data stored on the TSM server
  • Back up data in all directories/folders

If you exceed the 300GB limit:

  • You will be notified with similar email notifications (see above).
  • If you are unable to reduce the stored amount, you will be given the option of moving to the Enterprise service level.

Enterprise: $65/month

  • Up to 10TB (Terabytes) of data stored on the TSM server
    • Redundant backup and archive data protection
    • Dedicated hardware for faster restore performance
    • Optional off-campus data storage

Payment process: Billed monthly using a MIT account number (SAP cost object) or MIT student ID number provided when you register. This account number will be charged automatically until you cancel the account.

Getting started

You must register for your TSM account before installing the TSM software. An SAP cost object or student ID (for standard service) and your machine hostname are required. You will receive an email with instructions for your next steps to start the backup process.

TSM backup on virtual machines: If you have a TSM account for a physical machine, you can also register a TSM VM account for each virtual machine defined on that machine at no additional charge.

  • The VM account naming convention is:
    TSM nodename of the physical machine appended with -VM and a number starting at 1.
  • For billing purposes, the amount of data backed up for each TSM VM account is added to the total amount of data backed up for the physical machine.