IS&T provides two integrated platforms for learning and course management at MIT: the Learning Modules (LMOD) system and Stellar. Both enable faculty to organize and manage the many aspects of teaching a class.

Available To 
Students, Faculty, Staff

Faculty and staff who request a course site have three options:

  • Learning Modules (LMOD) system: Ties all user-activated modules, e.g., Gradebook, Materials, Forum, Calendar, within a single interface. This provides a seamless user experience and removes the need to manage a separate classic Stellar site.
  • Hybrid system with classic Stellar and LMOD: Uses LMOD Membership, Materials, and Calendar Modules, but retains legacy Announcements, Forum, and Class/Section home pages.
  • Classic Stellar: Uses LMOD Membership, but retains the legacy Materials, Homework, Announcements, Forum, Calendar, and Class/Section home pages.

Selection of any options listed above can be made at the time of the site request. All options allow for:

  • Sharing and updating class materials and assignments.
  • Managing class membership.
  • Tracking student performance.
  • Facilitating course-based collaboration and information exchange.

Benefits and key features

  • Online Course Guide
  • Customizable course landing page
  • Course calendar
  • Tools for managing student or staff lists, and support for the following section types: recitation, lab, lecture, design, as well as custom.
  • Tools to help populate, organize, and display course materials, and a method to manage access to copyrighted and/or time-sensitive content.
  • Support for postings of class announcements, sending of emails, and moderating discussion forums.
  • Optional advanced grade management options, with support for sections. The Gradebook Module also provides the following:
    • Assignments component: on-demand assignment creation and capabilities to collect online assignment submissions.
    • Attendance component: provides a centralized means for tracking and grading student attendance via a customizable calendar.


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