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This is a preconfigured Windows 10 virtual machine created by IS&T in January 2020 and is designed for use only by MIT faculty and staff that need access to selected business applications.

Downloads (MIT certificate required)




  • Important data should NOT be stored within the VM. There is no good mechanism for backing up data stored in the VM itself as standard troubleshooting practices will include downloading a new copy of the Virtual Machine.
  • Microsoft Outlook is provided for Exchange resource administration and complex Exchange calendaring needs.
    • The Virtual Machine is configured to disallow the creation of local Outlook email folders, since there is no good mechanism for backups for local Outlook email folders.
  • IS&T recommends Outlook for desktop and mobile use.
About this Version 

This is a preconfigured Windows 10 virtual machine created by IS&T and designed for MIT community members who need to access selected business applications. It contains the base VM configuration, mirroring, and the following selected business applications:

  • SAPgui
  • BrioQuery
  • Kerberos for Windows
  • Oracle Client
  • IXOS Viewer (Livelink Imaging)
  • Adobe Reader
  • Outlook
  • Excel
  • Sophos

System requirements

  • Disk space: 13 GB to download, 20+ GB to extract and use
  • Software: VMware Fusion Pro


  • IS&T provides full support for use of BrioQuery and SAPgui, with IXOS, as installed in this VM.