IS&T provides and supports two email list services: Athena/Moira and Mailman.

Available To 
Students, Faculty, Staff, Affiliates

Benefits and key features


  • AFS file-sharing capabilities.
  • Provided upon request to Athena users.
  • Appropriate for small groups of people.
  • Messages sent to these lists are forwarded to all recipients.
  • No filtering, moderation or spam processing is performed.
  • Managed by you directly using the Moira interface or via WebMoira.


  • Allows moderation/list filtering.
  • Allows archiving.
  • Permits list subscription, moderation, and filtering.
  • May be configured so that people can add themselves, or you can either add or approve additions.
  • As the administrator of a Mailman list, you will be expected to periodically use the Mailman web interface to manage your list, e.g., you may need to delete spam that may be held due to the moderation rules you set up.

Getting started